Our Process

Professionally installed integrated systems, require careful planning and execution.  From a one-room setup to a whole-home solution from the design through to the final walk-through.


There’s no substitute for a face-to-face meeting to discuss your needs and figure out the best solution for you. To make this meeting as efficient as possible, we look to you to fill out our Home Tech Questionnaire so we have all the background information we need and can come to the meeting with an initial understanding of what you’re looking for, and what might work well for you.


The next step is “Design”.  This is where we take the proposed set of systems and work them into actual plans and schematics.  This is the part of the process that puts the “custom” in custom electronics.

If you prefer to eliminate the clutter of light switches on the wall, want specific areas to have audio, looking for a way to hide a TV above a fireplace or desire a particular theme in the home theatre, than now’s the time to lay all of this out.


Hardwiring your home’s systems ensures their reliability, security, and efficiency. We’ll carefully choose a central location in your home from which to run the wiring for all of your systems – entertainment, security, home control, you name it.


This is the phase where your project truly starts to take shape.  If it’s a new construction, we work alongside electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, etc., to trim out our pre-wiring stage.  All of the careful planning allows our team to connect the right devices to the right wiring in the walls.  From speakers to light switches, smart thermostats to alarm panels, this is when we integrate all of your systems.


After installation, we return to program your newly-integrated systems and tailor their settings to your preferences.

Automatically triggering your lights to flash along with the alarm system, creating customized “scenes” for your audio and video equipment and answering your door from your mobile are just some of the things we can program your system to do.


We thoroughly train you on your new systems.  This step is often left out by other systems integrators, but it’s crucial to your enjoyment of your investment.  We’ll spend as long as you need to become fluent in your new systems.  It’s what makes the difference and sets us apart.

Service & Support

Sometimes the smallest system issues can cause big problems, whether you’re watching late night TV or in the middle of a big party.  Remote assistance means Lucent Controls can now investigate and fix common problems without needing to meet you at home.

Our Client Care Plans are designed to provide you with peace of mind for your integrated systems.

Let's get started!