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A Wi-Fi System is the Foundation of Your Smart Home


5 Things You Can Do in Your Ottawa-Area Home with an Upgraded Wi-Fi Network

Whether it’s with friends, family, or your workplace, staying connected is imperative in this day and age. In order to stay connected, though, you need a robust Wi-Fi system that is secure and fast.

Your wired and wireless internet connections are the foundation of your entire smart home, too. Without it, your automated home simply cannot work the way it was designed to operate! Keep reading below to learn five things you can do on your Ottawa, ON property with a home network upgrade.

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1. Outdoor Entertainment

If you want to watch the big hockey game on your back patio or listen to your favorite author’s latest audiobook while gardening, you can do just that with an outdoor entertainment system. Audio and video streaming services are supported by strategically placed wireless access points amongst your outdoor spaces so you can connect anywhere – with no choppy dialogue or missed gameplays. Plus, all of your guests can safely connect their smartphones to your Wi-Fi system using a secure password.

2. Home Office

Many homeowners got a taste of the work-from-home lifestyle over the last year, and several can still work remotely a few days a week. The networking team at Lucent Controls will ensure your home’s device traffic is triaged, so you never have to worry if a high-dollar client heard the critical points of your presentation or not.

3. Gaming

Are you more of a Nintendo Wii or Xbox fan? No matter how you prefer to game, we can support your needs. With superior networking plans, Lucent Controls can help you play games with your online friends with ease. Reduce latency and lag for a smoother gameplay experience, receive game updates quickly, and more with an upgraded Wi-Fi system.

4. Smart Home Automation

Incredible convenience is at your fingertips with a Control4 smart home control system. Operate your motorized shades, home theatre, multi-room AV, and more with a simple tap of your finger. Smart scenes incorporate multiple device responses – “Good Morning” will raise the blackout shades in your bedroom, brighten interior lighting, and start playing your preferred news station to help you get started on the day ahead. Your wireless network helps power it all!

5. Security System

Wireless security cameras help you keep an eye on your Ottawa, ON property while you’re away. Using Wi-Fi, your security system is more flexible and easier to install. Lucent Control’s networking team will ensure accurate camera placement to avoid common signal disturbances such as concrete and brick walls, too.

A properly installed Wi-Fi system ensures all of your devices connect easily, securely, and conveniently. Contact us using our form to start a conversation about your home network today! We can’t wait to help you get started.

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