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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lutron’s Motorized Shades

Image is of a pair of motorized shades covering the windows in a home.

Learn how Lutron's shade solutions go beyond aesthetics, offering unparalleled comfort, energy savings, and integration in your smart home

Have you heard of motorized shades? Have you heard of Lutron? Founded in 1961, Lutron was the company that invented the dimmer switch that is now in homes worldwide. Considered a pioneer in the industry, Lutron has developed a product line that includes motorized shades, smart lighting, smart dimmers, and switches. Their products are known for energy efficiency, convenience, and integration with smart homes and commercial spaces across Ottawa. 

At Lucent Controls, we have teamed up with Lutron to bring you the finest products for your home in Ottawa, Ontario. As a leading home automation company, we are certified installers of Lutron products. Read below to learn five things you didn’t know about this forward-thinking company and why we have partnered with them.

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Automatic Roller Blinds Make Managing Daylight Effortless

A living room with Lutron’s Palladiom motorized shades partially drawn.

Enjoy Beauty and Ease of Living with Lutron’s Motorized Shades

Imagine waking to shades that automatically open with the morning sun. When you head to the kitchen, the shades facing your backyard rise in perfect unison, letting you greet another beautiful day in Ottawa, ON. During the day, as the sun causes reflections on your TV or computer screen, the shades automatically lower. Then, when you and the family settle down for dinner, all the shades lower to provide complete privacy. 


That scenario is a brief glimpse into the possibilities in homes with automatic roller blinds. They create effortless management of natural light, adjusting throughout the day to provide the perfect amount of daylight and security. To bring our clients the best motorized window coverings, we at Lucent Controls partner with Lutron, the global leader in lighting control. 

And while the company offers an incredible selection of motorized shades, blinds, and draperies, we'll explore two of our clients' favourites: Palladiom and Triathlon. Let’s explore the possibilities.

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Automated Roller Blinds Offer Effortless Control

Lutron shades almost fully lowered in a living room overlooking the city with an inlaid photo of a Lutron keypad.

Today's Motorised Window Coverings Bring Beauty and Elegance to Any Home

At Lucent Controls, we create custom smart homes that offer effortless convenience and increased enjoyment. From indoor and outdoor entertainment solutions to lighting that automatically changes with the sun's light, today's automation offers once-unimaginable ease of living. 

While today's smart home systems can control AV systems, security and door locks, indoor and outdoor lighting, and a home's humidity and temperature, one of the most popular innovations is automated roller blinds and shades. Our clients in Ottawa, ON, no longer have to get up to adjust their window coverings when direct sunlight fills the room or darkness descends. Their smart home does it for them.

Let's explore how the latest technology brings beauty and automated control to window coverings. 

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