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Here’s What You Should Know About Circadian Lighting

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Discover How Ketra and Control4 Bring Tunable Lighting to Home Spaces

Incorporating circadian lighting in the home is important because it supports our natural sleep-wake cycle and promotes overall well-being. Our bodies are influenced by the day's natural light and dark cycles, and exposure to appropriate lighting at different times helps regulate our internal clock, also known as the circadian rhythm. 

Learn more about incorporating this wellness-focused lighting option into your Ottawa, ON, home in our blog below. Keep reading!

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Never Return to a Dark House: Lighting Control Systems


Adjust Your Home’s Environment with a Swipe on a Screen or Press of a Button

The right lighting in a house can completely transform the mood and aesthetics. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of smart LED lights, you need to consider a flexible and reliable system. This is where lighting control systems come in. It is crucial to find the right lighting control professionals to install the ideal system in your home, depending on the size of the house and your preference.

Let’s have a look at why Lucent Controls offers the best lighting control solutions for clients in Ottawa, ON to Gatineau, QC and beyond!

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