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Accent Your Home Theatre Systems with Sophisticated Shading


Creating the Perfect Viewing Environment. 

Movies are about the intense magic of storytelling; the images and sound move us, often in unexpected ways. Film provides us with a window into another’s perspective, offers a chance to escape, and to perchance, dream. An excellent cinema experience causes us to cheer, cry, and laugh—often all three emotions happening at once. 

The cultural impact has come a long way since the Lumiere brothers first exhibited their short ‘slice-of-life showings in a rough Paris dance hall 125 years ago. In very quick order, the art form had temples dedicated to the sole activity of watching. These dedicated spaces balanced elegant deco, sensual lighting, and rich fabrics to enhance the sense of anticipation and excitement.

Whether your home theatre systems emulate the golden age or incorporate more modern minimalism, the ambiance and control of light are significant factors. Continue reading to discover how motorized shades are essential components in your Ottawa, ON smart home.

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A Room with A View

The light in a home theatre room needs to keep a space as dark as possible while still allowing some navigation. Nothing interrupts your focus and appreciation of a movie than a rogue lamp or sunlight across the screen. Errant illumination washes out the details, making it difficult to comprehend what is happening in the story. 

Imagine entering the room with the soft illumination of the sun through sheers welcoming you and the family. Whether you have a dedicated space that looks out on your property or you enjoy movies from a media room, electric blinds offer you sophisticated styles and control. Blackout shades lower to block the daylight and add acoustic tuning for the perfect audio experience as the show starts. 

Legendary Performance

When integrating automated window treatments, you want systems that are well crafted, reliable, and accent a room rather than distract from it. The product lines from Lutron and Clara smart shades furnish the finest systems and options that best fit your home. 

Lutron, founded in 1961, is a world leader in lightning and shade innovations. The company introduced the first practical motorized shades and continues through today with their stunningly quiet Palladiom systems. In addition to their whisper operation, the patented Intelligent Hembar Alignment (IHA) allows for seamless synchronization, whether managing 3×3 meter coverings or across the whole home. 

Clara Shades are designed and manufactured in Montreal; they have furnished finer homes like yours with convenient control, beautiful fabrics, and simple installation for over a decade. The window treatments convey classic styling and integration into new builds and renovations with wired and wireless options. The quality build, hardware, housings, and quiet motors accent any home perfectly. 

Add Beauty and Benefits 

Make the most of your viewing, from the latest Hollywood sensation to the stunning landscapes outside. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Experience it for yourself by connecting with our highly qualified and certified team. Call us at (613) 327-7478 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. 

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