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Add Beauty and Benefits to Your Home with Electric Blinds


Enhance Interior Décor, Improve Wellbeing, and Save Energy with Motorized Window Treatments

Shades and electric blinds provide a final fit and finish to a room; without them, the space feels incomplete.  Adding window treatments create an inviting ambiance that defines a room and exhibits your sense of style.

Beyond fashion, window treatments help you manage energy costs and add to a sense of security for your Gatineau, QC home. Motorized window treatments by Lutron is the premier smart home solution that, when combined with tunable lighting, makes your home more livable.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of motorized shading? Read below to find out more.

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Taming the Sun

Bringing natural light into the home enhances the atmosphere in any room and produces a healthier environment for you. Exposure to the sun triggers the production of serotonin and vitamin D; both are associated with boosting your mood, focus, and general well-being.

Architects and designers rely on daylighting and open floor plans to maximize the flow of sunlight in your house. While there are many positives, the process of opening more walls and ceilings to nature does have some downsides.

Heat is a natural by-product; even in winter months, this can make certain rooms overly warm and stuffy. In the summer, your HVAC system can be forced to work too hard, costing you money and shortening the life of the equipment. The UV rays from the sun can also be problematic, causing your furnishings and art to fade or age prematurely. Shading helps you allow just the right amount of light, keeping you happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Style and Sophistication

Lutron, established in the 1950s, continues to produce industry-leading products and innovative solutions. In 1993 the company initiated a paradigm shift with the introduction of its noiseless shade motors. Today the whisper-quiet motorized shades such as Palladiom continue to impress industry pundits and clients alike. 

At Lucent Controls, we got our start in architecture and design; Lutron’s line of fabrics, styles, and prints inspire us every time. Created in consultation with leading interior and fashion designers, builders, and homeowners like you, the materials are made to set the right tone. With electric blinds and shades built to withstand the sun’s power, you can rely on them to last for years without fading, cracking or losing their flexibility. 

Make More of Your Home Today

Standard blinds and curtains tend to either stay raised or lowered all the time. Motorized shades and blinds let you control when and where sunlight enters at one press of a button.

Are you ready to set the style and save on energy costs? Call us at (613) 327-7478 or fill out our contact form to get the conversation started. We look forward to working with you!

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