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Learn 3 Ways Liteline Can Change Your Lifestyle


Innovative Smart Lighting Solutions Make Your Home Beautiful & More Convenient

Lighting has a dramatic effect on homes, both inside and outside. Too-dim lighting in your workspace can leave your eyes feeling strained and cause headaches, and too-bright light can interrupt your natural circadian rhythm as your mind tries to relax in the evenings before bedtime.

With Liteline lighting, you not only have a variety of fixture options that add to the aesthetic of your home, but you’re able to change the way your home looks and feels with the tap of your finger or according to a pre-programmed scheduled. Read on below to learn three ways Liteline can elevate your Ottawa, ON, lifestyle!

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Upgrade Existing Lights

If you have an existing dimmable fixture or bulb, then you can make it “smart” by adding them to a system of Liteline OnCloud dimmers and switches. You’ll be able to upgrade your home experience without cutting into drywall, so this is a great entry point into the world of smart lighting in your Ottawa home.

This Wi-Fi-enabled functionality is available through the WiZ app on your smartphone or tablet and allows you to customize scenes, program timers, and more! With Liteline switches, you can even turn traditional fixtures on and off, so your entire home’s illumination is operable with a tap of your finger! Unlike other entry-level cloud-based lighting systems, a hub is not required, which means these switches and dimmers are more intelligent than previous iterations.

Complement Your Décor

If you need a fixture overhaul, too, then Liteline is the perfect solution. These slim-line LEDs are available in round and square profiles, with tilted and fixed directional downlight options. Various magnetic trims that will suit your interior design stylings are available, too, such as brushed nickel, black and white.

From the face of the fixture, you may select the colour temperature with a CCT selector switch. You’ll be able to have warm, amber hues in the reading nook, and have bright, white light in the kitchen so you can easily see what you’re doing while preparing meals.

The SLIMLED and Luna lines from Liteline are also rated for wet locations such as the washroom, and dome-shaped fixtures are available to reduce glare in some locations. No matter the application, Liteline has an option that will undoubtedly elevate your lifestyle.

Professional Support

Though we work with high-performance products, we do know that technology occasionally has its hiccups. When you work with a professional Liteline team like Lucent Controls, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be supported if any issues arise once we leave your home after installation.

To bring Liteline or other smart home solutions to your Ottawa home, connect with us here to get started! We look forward to working with you.

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