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Disguise Your TV with Samsung’s The Frame and FrameBar


Merge Aesthetics & High-Quality Visuals with Samsung’s The Frame TV

Samsung’s The Frame TV is arguably one of the most exciting AV innovations in recent years. The reason? When powered off, The Frame’s 4K OLED display seamlessly blends into your home by turning into a realistic work of art. Your guests will have no idea that’s a TV on the wall—it looks just like a piece of your art collection! 

If you’re looking for a minimalistic aesthetic in your modern home, read on to learn more about The Frame and the new FrameBar soundbar made especially for it. You may discover it’s the perfect item for your smart home in Gatineau, QC. 

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One of the biggest reasons why people are raving about Samsung’s Frame TV is because of its design features. Rather than a TV, it looks like a painting mounted on a wall when turned off. You can even access Samsung’s Art Mode app that allows you to choose from over 1,400 different artworks.

Unlike conventional TVs, The Frame doesn’t go black; rather, it displays a painting. The screen won’t reflect or look shiny, either; it will resemble a real masterpiece mounted flush to your wall. Users who don’t want to a paid subscription to Art Mode can still enjoy a bundle of famous artworks. 


The Frame’s internal speakers are similar to other Samsung TVs, but if you’d like more powerful sound, there’s a solution specifically for The Frame. The FrameBar by Leon is designed to integrate with The Frame, fitting its dimensions perfectly.

The ultra-thin soundbar can be configured for both center channel and left/right setups— and will make an excellent addition to a surround sound system. The FrameBar will match your hidden TV through its beautiful colour finishes available in beige, black, brown, and white. 


The picture quality of the latest Samsung Frame TV outmatches all the previous models. Even low-quality content looks good enough to watch without pixilation, and high-quality 4K content takes the experience to a whole new level. Superior color accuracy and brightness will ensure everything from retro movies to new Netflix hits look their best.

When you turn on Filmmaker Mode, you’ll enjoy a cinematic experience that preserves correct aspect ratios, colors, and frame rates. Filmmaker Mode allows your Samsung TV to display films as they were intended to be seen. So, whether you’ve got a work of art on the wall or a favorite movie, it’s bound to be especially eye-catching. 

Get in touch with Lucent Controls if you want this beautiful piece of art in your home in Gatineau, QC. We create media rooms, home theatres, and more with the latest technology. Give us a call at (613) 327-7478 or fill out an easy online form for more details. 

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