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Automated Roller Blinds Offer Effortless Control

Lutron shades almost fully lowered in a living room overlooking the city with an inlaid photo of a Lutron keypad.

Today's Motorised Window Coverings Bring Beauty and Elegance to Any Home

At Lucent Controls, we create custom smart homes that offer effortless convenience and increased enjoyment. From indoor and outdoor entertainment solutions to lighting that automatically changes with the sun's light, today's automation offers once-unimaginable ease of living. 

While today's smart home systems can control AV systems, security and door locks, indoor and outdoor lighting, and a home's humidity and temperature, one of the most popular innovations is automated roller blinds and shades. Our clients in Ottawa, ON, no longer have to get up to adjust their window coverings when direct sunlight fills the room or darkness descends. Their smart home does it for them.

Let's explore how the latest technology brings beauty and automated control to window coverings. 

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The Latest Innovations

To bring our clients the latest innovations in home automation, we partner with the leading brands in the industry. In the world of motorised window coverings and lighting control, that brand is Lutron. 

Lutron offers a seamlessly never-ending selection of automated window coverings, allowing us to help you find the perfect solution for your home's decor and your family's needs. They offer motorised blinds, shades, and drapes, all controlled with one touch or programmed to change throughout the day.

Their window coverings come in beautiful designer fabrics. For clients with custom fabric, Lutron can use most materials to create shades. Their roller shades come in sheer, dim-out, and blackout fabrics. Sheer is best used in rooms where you'd like to maintain a beautiful view of the outdoors while protecting your furniture, flooring, and fine art from the direct light of the sun. 

Dual blinds enable us to install two different shades on one window. This is ideal in rooms where you'd like to experience diffuse light in the day and then lower the blackout shades to watch a movie or sleep in perfect darkness. Lutron even offers tensioned shades for skylights and cable-guided shades for angled windows. Their roller shades also reach 20.9 m², offering the ideal solution for window walls or atriums. 

The Latest Controls

Lutron's window coverings are controlled with one touch on an elegant in-wall keypad, remote, or touchscreen. When integrated with your smart home system, all devices are controlled from one user-friendly interface. We can program scenes that manage your lighting, shades, entertainment, and security with one tap of a button. 

For example, if you enjoy entertaining outdoors, we'll program an "Outdoor Dining" button. One tap and your outdoor landscape and patio lights create an enchanting space to gather with family and friends. At the same time, the gas firepit ignites, your favourite entertainment playlist fills your home and yard, and the blinds raise to showcase the beautiful scenery. 


We can also program your shades or blinds to raise and lower throughout the day, based on the time and the sun's position. When a room starts heating up due to direct sunlight, the window covering lowers, reducing the strain on your HVAC and saving energy in the process. 

These are just a few of the many options available with the latest home automation. To learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Lucent Controls today.

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