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How to Create a Coastal Source Outdoor Speaker System

An Ellipse Bollard and Modulus Bullet speaker creating an outdoor speaker system.

Enjoy Outdoor Audio With a Speaker System Designed to Fit Your Space

Outdoor audio can enhance your backyard like never before. You can listen to your favorite music while swimming in the pool, listen to a broadcast of your favorite sports team game while grilling, or entertain guests at an outdoor party. First, you’ll need to create an outdoor speaker system that suits your unique needs and space. Coastal Source makes a premium line of outdoor speakers with solutions for every homeowner. Check out the things you need to consider while creating your Coastal Source outdoor speaker system for your home in Ottawa, ON.

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Decide the Size of the Space

First, you’ll need to decide how much of your outdoor space you want to be covered in distributed audio. Do you just need a small patio space where you can sit on your outdoor furniture and enjoy some music? Or a bigger area that encompasses a pool and deck? Maybe you want your entire sprawling backyard to be covered? Knowing this can help you decide what speakers you need and how many. For example, if you just need a patio space covered, you could purchase two Ellipse Bollard speakers to act as loudspeakers. If you need a larger space covered, you may consider Modulus Bullet satellite speakers to be placed around your backyard.

Above Ground or In-Ground

The Ellipse Bollard speakers are multifunctional in that they can be installed above ground or in-ground. That means they can stay above ground around the patio and pool deck for a bold sound. This is perfect for hardscape areas in your yard.. 

For landscaped areas around your patio, pool or walkways, they can also be installed in-ground. Then, only the speaker portion will stick out of the ground to deliver distributed audio throughout your space. This flexibility makes the Ellipse Bollard speaker and Bollard subwoofer a great solution for any space.

Discreet or Bold

The in-ground option for the Ellipse Bollard speakers makes them pretty discreet, but you can choose an even more discreet option in the Modulus Bullet satellite speaker. These smaller speakers are installed into your landscaping and point at the area they are filling with sound. Pair a bunch of them together with a few subwoofers for distributed audio that is dynamic, authentic with even sound coverage. You can also get a more discreet patio solution with the on-wall Razor speaker.

Do you want to fill your backyard with authentic, dynamic sound? Contact Lucent Controls today! Our team can tell you more about Coastal Source speakers and help you design the outdoor speaker system that will work best in your Ottawa, ON, home. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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