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Create an Outdoor Oasis with These Outdoor Entertainment Technologies

A luxury patio with Coastal Source lighting.

Turn Your Backyard into an Entertainment Space with Premium Outdoor Technology

It’s a warm, beautiful evening. There’s not a cloud in the sky, giving you an unobstructed view of the twinkling stars. But it’s also family movie night, and your home theater is shrouded away from the gorgeous night. What to do? Turn to your outdoor entertainment, of course! With an outdoor entertainment space, you’ll never have to sacrifice fresh air for entertainment and vice versa—everything you can enjoy inside, you’d be able to enjoy outside, too. Check out these outdoor technologies to see how they can transform your Ottawa, ON, home.

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First and foremost, you’ll need an outdoor lighting system to turn your patio and backyard into a safe, functional, and beautiful space. Without it, your patio will be hard to use after the sun has set. Coastal Source is a leader in outdoor lighting, with many options that can be integrated into your space. You can choose from a series of uplights, downlights, path lights, and much more for lighting that highlights the beauty and enhances the safety of your outdoor areas, all integrated into your home automation system for easy and automatic control. The elevated aesthetic will make you want to spend every night on your gorgeous patio.


Next, you’ll need sound in your outdoor space. Fortunately, Coastal Source produces fixtures for outdoor audio as well as lighting. They offer their Ellipse Bollard speakers, which can be installed in-ground into your landscaping or above ground to act as a loudspeaker. For an even more discreet solution, you can get the Modulus Bullet speaker, a small satellite speaker that delivers a big sound without drawing attention to itself. Finish off your system with an in-ground subwoofer, and you’ll have an audio system that sounds just as good as any indoor speaker system.

Plus, these speakers are designed to stay outside. Their durable casing protects the internal technology from all weather, including rain, wind, extreme temperatures, and more. They’re extra tough without compromising sound quality.


To top off your outdoor entertainment system, you’ll need an outdoor TV. These TVs typically come in a range of full shade to full sun—depending on where you plan to install them—so that you can get the best picture possible. Their brightness and picture will rival any indoor TV, providing premium video for your outdoor space. Connect it with your outdoor audio system for a cinematic experience on your patio or backyard.

Create your outdoor haven in your Ottawa, ON, home by installing these premium outdoor technologies. To get started, contact Lucent Controls! We work with many brands offering solutions in outdoor entertainment, from lighting to video. We’ll help you craft your ideal outdoor space with technologies and systems that suit your needs.

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