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5 Rooms that Smart Shades Can Elevate

A bedroom with windows equipped with smart shades by Lutron.

Incorporate Style and Convenience into Your Home

There are so many smart devices, from phones to TVs. You can incorporate smart devices into your home in the form of smart thermostats, smart lighting, and even smart shades! Blinds may not seem very “smart,” but motorised shades from companies like Lutron can be automated to fit your schedule. That means they can open and close automatically throughout the day without needing to lift a finger. And Lutron shades are customisable to match any room’s design. Keep reading to see how motorised blinds can elevate these rooms in your Ottawa, ON home!

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1. Bedroom

It’s hard to wake up and get out of bed in a completely dark room. So don’t! You can program your shades or curtains to open automatically in the morning, letting the rising sun be your alarm clock. Then, in the evening, when it’s time to sleep, they can close again to offer privacy and block out distractions from the outside world.

2. Living Room and Kitchen

Enjoy the beautiful, bright sun in your living room and kitchen as you start your day. But as the sun rises, it gets hotter, fading your furniture and artwork and excessively heating your home. You can program your shades to open in the morning, then close in the afternoon to protect your belongings and keep your HVAC system from working overtime.

3. Media Room and Home Theatre

There is nothing like watching a movie in a dark room. It makes the colours more vivid, eliminates glare, and draws all attention to the screen. You can equip your home theatre with blackout shades or curtains that you can close with the touch of a button at the start of a movie.

4. Home Office

Did you know natural light can increase productivity? Motorised shades allow you to easily open your window treatments to soak in the sun and all its benefits. If you’re worried about insulation, you can layer Lutron shades with a sheer shade, so you can enjoy the light while still getting some protection from UV rays.

5. Patio

Smart shades aren’t just for the interior of the house! In fact, by adding motorised shades to your patio space, you can increase your overall living space. In addition, patio shades allow you to enjoy your outdoor space longer during the year since it provides some protection from temperature, bugs, and weather.

Installing smart motorised shades will completely revolutionize how you live in your Ottawa, ON, home. To get started on your shading project, contact Lucent Controls! We are a proud Lutron dealer and will work with you to identify the best shading solution for your home. Our team will handle the installation and help automate them, so your shades work around your schedule.

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