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5 Ways Ketra Lighting Can Elevate Your Home

A bar space lit up with different colours with Ketra lighting.

Embrace the Health Benefits, Convenience, and Luxury of Smart Lighting

The lighting of a person’s environment (home, work, or leisure) directly impacts their mood, productivity, and overall physical and mental health. That’s why a good home lighting system is so crucial. The right colour, brightness, and placement of your home’s lights not only transform the beauty of the space but also increase your feeling of relaxation and comfort. 

Ketra lighting has revolutionised smart lighting systems with LED bulbs that can match your daily routine and be customised to your preferences. Check out these three ways Ketra lights can transform your home in Ottawa, ON.

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1. Experience Natural Light

Ketra’s LED lights bring natural light into your home in a few ways. The smart LED lighting system can track your daily routine as well as the sun’s arc across the sky, so you can start your day as naturally as possible - with warm, white lights that help you wake up and brighter, blue-hued lights that improve productivity throughout the day. Then, as the sun begins to set and it’s time to wind down for the evening, your lighting control system will dim and cast your space in a comforting golden glow. 

Ketra also integrates with Lutron shades to achieve the perfect balance of natural and artificial lights. When enough daylight enters your rooms, your Ketra lights dim to preserve energy while allowing your home to take advantage of natural light. As the outside light fades, your Ketra lights brighten. With Ketra, you always have the right light in your space! 

2. Precision Tuning

In addition to tracking daylight and adjusting throughout the day, you can personalise your lights for any event. For example, tune your Ketra lights to the color you want. So, they can transform into your favourite colour for a birthday celebration, lively colours for a big party, and calming colours for a movie night. Easily adjust the colour, brightness, and glow of your lights with the full spectrum at your fingertips.

3. Elevate Your Home’s Beauty

With Ketra’s precision tuning, you can adjust the vibrancy of the light to highlight artwork, architectural components, and other features in your home in a way that gives your space personality. The right lighting breathes life into your home, making your decor and artwork appear more visually pleasing. In fact, Ketra lights have a unique vibrancy feature and are favoured by many museums and galleries. You spent time and money curating your home’s interior design, so ensure it’s lit up to highlight all the colours and details of your beautiful home.


Discover more about how Ketra lighting can increase your health, mood, productivity, and your home’s beauty. Lucent Controls is a certified Ketra dealer for Ottawa, ON homes. If you have questions or are ready to transform your home’s lighting, contact Lucent Controls today!

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