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Three of Our Favourite Voice Commands

man and woman walking into a room with a Micro voice assistant speaker on the wall.

Discover What a Smart Home with Can Do For You

If you have a Wi-Fi network and an electrical outlet, then you’re ready to bring to your Gatineau, QC, home. This new voice assistant is gaining popularity in the smart home industry with its advanced natural language processing and a company promise never to sell user data to third parties for marketing purposes. 

This powerful artificial intelligence named Josh is smart, responsive, and learns commands the more you interact with it, just like a pet dog, which is why the logo uses a familiar furry friend. Start by saying, “Okay, Josh,” to command a wide array of smart home products such as your smart thermostat, Lutron lights, and Control4 products. 

Keep reading below to discover three top commands you can say to get the most out of your smart home!

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1. Okay, Josh, Turn On the Lights.

According to the brand, this phrase was the most heavily utilized voice command in 2021! With powerful internal microphones, each Josh Nano or Micro device is aware of its specified location in your home. That means it is intelligent enough to understand which room you’re in when you say the command, “Okay, Josh, turn on the lights.” 

2. Okay, Josh, Good Morning.

Everyone wakes up in the morning and generally does the same routine day in and day out. makes your morning - and evening - routines a breeze, letting you focus on what matters most, like spending time with your loved ones and getting ready for the day ahead of you. The phrase, “Okay, Josh, good morning,” is a popular smart scene you can initiate in seconds. 

Automated shades rise to let natural warming sunlight into your bedroom. Lighting fixtures gradually brighten as you make your way from the bedroom to the bathroom and then light your pathway down the hall to the kitchen, so you can prepare breakfast. You can also say, “Okay, Josh, good night,” to take care of closing shades, turning off interior lights, adjusting your thermostat, and arming your alarm system as you snuggle into bed at night.

3. Okay, Josh, Turn On (or Off) the Music.

Hands-free music control gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite streaming stations, personal record collection, and more without ever lifting a finger. There’s no need to raise your voice when making smart voice commands, either! Room awareness knows which room you’re in and is intuitive enough to understand you’re referring to your sound system when you say phrases such as “make it louder” or “turn it down.” 

Ready to Meet

If you’re ready to use these and hundreds of other voice commands to manage and operate your smart home in the Gatineau region, then it’s time to contact our team today!

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