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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lutron’s Motorized Shades

Image is of a pair of motorized shades covering the windows in a home.

Learn how Lutron's shade solutions go beyond aesthetics, offering unparalleled comfort, energy savings, and integration in your smart home

Have you heard of motorized shades? Have you heard of Lutron? Founded in 1961, Lutron was the company that invented the dimmer switch that is now in homes worldwide. Considered a pioneer in the industry, Lutron has developed a product line that includes motorized shades, smart lighting, smart dimmers, and switches. Their products are known for energy efficiency, convenience, and integration with smart homes and commercial spaces across Ottawa. 

At Lucent Controls, we have teamed up with Lutron to bring you the finest products for your home in Ottawa, Ontario. As a leading home automation company, we are certified installers of Lutron products. Read below to learn five things you didn’t know about this forward-thinking company and why we have partnered with them.

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Patented Whisper-Quiet Operation

Lutron’s motorized shades are part of the Lutron family of smart home products. They are designed with a proprietary technology called “Sivoia,” making them whisper-quietly, ensuring minimal disruption and noise. When synced with your smart home systems, their shades offer convenience and energy efficiency by allowing homeowners to adjust the amount of natural light and privacy they desire with the touch of a button or a voice command.

Reliability and Durability

Lutron has a reputation for being at the forefront of quality and innovation. With decades of experience behind them, they are known for their product’s reliability, durability, and long lifespan. Their shades come in various options, including sheer and opaque fabrics, allowing users to customize their shades to complement the look and feel of their homes. 

Award-Winning Excellence

Lutron has won several awards over the years, including the following:

  1.  CE Pro BEST Award: Lutron has received multiple awards for its home automation and shading technology. 
  2.   CEDIA Awards: Lutron has received honor multiple times at CEDIA's annual awards for its contributions to the home automation and integration industry.

Smart Home Integration

Lutron’s motorized shades can be integrated with your smart lighting controls, creating a seamlessly synchronized environment. Homeowners can control their shades via Lutron’s proprietary mobile app, which allows them to open or close their shades even while away from home! These shades are compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit, enabling hands-free operation!

Energy-Efficient Products

Lastly, Lutron’s motorized shades and blinds are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They help reduce cooling and heating costs by regulating the amount of sunlight that enters a room and maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, day or night.

Call Lucent Controls Today!

With accolades like these above, Lucent Controls takes pride in being a certified installer of Lutron’s top-tier products. At Lucent, we can help you design your shades, room, or entire home! Contact us today–we look forward to hearing from you!

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