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Here’s What You Should Know About Circadian Lighting

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Discover How Ketra and Control4 Bring Tunable Lighting to Home Spaces

Incorporating circadian lighting in the home is important because it supports our natural sleep-wake cycle and promotes overall well-being. Our bodies are influenced by the day's natural light and dark cycles, and exposure to appropriate lighting at different times helps regulate our internal clock, also known as the circadian rhythm. 

Learn more about incorporating this wellness-focused lighting option into your Ottawa, ON, home in our blog below. Keep reading!

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What Is Circadian Lighting?

By simulating natural daylight patterns, circadian lighting helps regulate natural sleep patterns, improves mood and productivity, enhances daytime alertness, and promotes better sleep quality at night. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who spend significant time indoors, such as office employees or night shift workers.

Ketra and Control4 are two popular lighting control platforms that can be used to achieve “natural” lighting in indoor spaces. Both are fantastic options for smart home property owners, with Ketra considered luxury-tier.

Ketra Lighting

Ketra is an innovative, comprehensive lighting option that utilizes LED technology and sophisticated control software. Each bulb has internal drivers that recreate natural lighting without fading over time, allowing you to replicate the dynamic qualities of natural light and adjust the colour temperature and intensity throughout the day. These fixtures can be programmed to automatically adjust based on the time of day and sync with your local sunrise and sunset times. Considering factors such as location, time of year, and personal preferences, you can craft each room of your home to have a specific ambiance tailored to your needs.

Control4 Lighting

Control4 is a home automation brand well-known for integrating various connected devices such as shading and lighting. Control4 lighting products can be used to create customized lighting scenes that align with your circadian rhythm. Using the system's scheduling and automation features, you can program your lights to gradually brighten in the morning, mimicking natural daylight during the day, then dim in the evening to promote relaxation and better sleep. This tunable lighting supports natural body rhythms and helps you and your family feel better while making your home look great.

Lighting Integration

To implement circadian lighting into your home, you'll need a professional’s expertise and design to ensure a successful installation. This involves incorporating the appropriate lighting fixtures and controls throughout your home and configuring the system to align with your desired lighting schedules. It's best to consult with a certified installer or dealer like Lucent Controls, which specializes in these products, to ensure optimal performance and customization based on your needs and preferences.

Beyond Lighting for Wellness

Remember that circadian lighting is just one aspect of maintaining a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Other factors like exposure to natural light, maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, and creating a sleep-friendly environment are also important for overall well-being.

If you’re ready to bring circadian lighting or other smart home solutions to your home, reach out to our team here to get started. Also, stay on the lookout for more information about our upcoming demo home, where you can experience this fantastic lighting in person! We’ll have more details soon.

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