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Invisible Speakers Are Meant to Be Heard, Not Seen

Dining room area with a bar counter in foreground. In-wall invisible speakers show on the ceiling.

Lucent Controls Offers High-End Audio from Stealth Acoustics and Sonance

Listening to music is an exciting experience, whether you’re a casual listener or a self-proclaimed audiophile. No matter the genre, high-fidelity sound quality sings to the soul with crystal-clear high notes and bassy lows. With high-performance speakers installed by the experts at Lucent Controls, you have the perfect at-home listening solution.

High-performance audio brings lifelike performances to your Gatineau, QC, home, so you feel like you’re in the front row of a concert. Every guitar strum and musical note is delivered to the listener in stunning quality, just as the artist intended it to be heard. 

Some homeowners prefer to enjoy music without seeing where it’s coming from, though, but there’s no need for an “invisibility cloak” when you have invisible speakers. They simply hide from view thanks to innovative installation methods and superior craftsmanship. Want to learn more about what brands like Sonance and Stealth Acoustics can offer in the world of invisible speakers? Keep reading below.

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Seamless Design

You’ve perfectly curated the artwork, furnishings, and decor throughout your home and decided upon trimless fixtures for your lighting, so you may not want to dedicate valuable square footage to floorstanding speakers or clutter your ceiling with more holes. You may also want to preserve counter space in the kitchen or bookshelf space in your living spaces; invisible speakers are the best option for a home like yours. Your decor can sing while the speakers do the same from behind the scenes.

Stealth Acoustics

Whether it’s in a dedicated listening room or your dining space, having invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics will surely create the perfect soundscape for any activity. There’s the award-winning LineaResponse G (LRG) series that provides a cost-effective and proven sound experience that rivals visible speakers. Then there’s the expert-grade LineaResponse X (LRX) series with a newly innovated lamination process with extended driver sets. These truly bring bar-raising, incredible performance to your listening experience.

Both of these Stealth Acoustics lines offer a 170-degree horizontal and vertical sound experience that’s impressive without being seen, thanks in large part to the patented combination of transducers and cone drivers on a flat radiating diaphragm. This combination was developed for such a thin speaker to sit within your walls or ceiling cavities. Invisible speakers from Stealth give homeowners the opportunity to focus on the design and decor of their home while maintaining excellent sound performance.

The Power of Sonance

Another invisible speaker brand that’s known for its stellar quality and reliability is Sonance. From barely-visible in-ceiling and in-wall speaker options to the truly hides-in-plain-sight Invisible Series, these options blend into your existing decor without sacrificing sound quality. Whether in your media room or home theatre space, you’re sure to enjoy the listening experience.

The Invisible Series features DISC (Depth Identification Sensing Calibration) that gauges the depth of whatever finish covers it, such as drywall or wallpaper. DISC, along with the two-inch shallow depth and optional sound transfer reduction enclosure, ensure consistent performance with every song note.

Intuitive Control Options

So, if these speakers are out of reach and out of sight, you may wonder how you would operate them. With a voice command or a finger tap on a Control4 smart device, you can adjust the volume, switch audio inputs, send music from one room to every room, and more! Audio management has never been simpler.

Your Home Audio Partner

If you’re ready to bring invisible speakers or other high-end audio/video solutions to your Quebec home, connect with us here to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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