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Smart Technology Pairings: Automatic Blinds Are The Perfect Match


Elevate Your Smart Home Technology With Motorized Shades 

Some things simply go better together—wine and cheese or movies and popcorn. People love a great match. In the world of smart home technology, there are some fantastic pairings to discover as well. High-tech features like automatic blinds could be the perfect addition to your Ottawa, ON, smart home, especially if integrating them with smart lighting, a home theatre, or your security system. Continue reading to learn how automated blinds add to the value of other smart home technology features.

Greater Peace of Mind with Remote System Monitoring

 Remote system monitoring can proactively or reactively monitor the performance of your smart home devices and fix issues quickly.

Keep Your Systems Up and Running at Their Best

When you work with Lucent Controls for smart home automation, we want to help you keep it up and running at its best. That’s why we offer around-the-clock remote system monitoring to ensure your systems deliver their greatest value at all times. Continue reading to learn how remote system monitoring provides greater peace of mind for your Control4 system in Ottawa, ON.  

What to Know About Lighting Automation for Your Home Build

 A welcoming entryway controlled with lighting automation.

Effortlessly Control Your Ottawa Home’s Lighting with Lighting Control

If you’re considering building a new home in Ottawa, ON, or the surrounding areas, integrating smart technology during the build phase is a strategic step that could save you money. Among the many technology options available, lighting automation stands out for its practicality and energy-saving impact. It’s important to discuss your plans with a professional integrator like Lucent Controls before you begin construction. Continue reading for some important information about lighting automation and how it works.

Enjoy Springtime More With These Outdoor Entertainment Solutions


Smart Technology + Springtime Weather Makes for Great Fun

As the daffodils and tulips emerge this spring, the lure of the outdoors in Ottawa becomes simply irresistible! Let’s chat if you haven’t yet considered dedicating extra time to the outdoors this year. Discover how incorporating the latest outdoor entertainment solutions could completely revamp your backyard, elevating its enjoyment factor. Keep reading to explore various ways to fully embrace the beauty of springtime. 

Unlocking the Power of Control4: Finding the Perfect Home Automation Installer

Photo is of a brown living room in a modern smart home.

Check out our top insights on the brand Control4 for your home!

Throughout Ottawa, homeowners are turning to advanced technologies from home automation installers to enhance their living spaces. Home automation is a sought-after solution that promises convenience, efficiency, and luxury.

Control4, a leading smart home automation technology brand, is at the forefront of this trend. As Ottawa's premier home automation installer, Lucent Controls has firsthand experience unlocking the power of Control4 and turning your house into your dream home.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lutron’s Motorized Shades

Image is of a pair of motorized shades covering the windows in a home.

Learn how Lutron's shade solutions go beyond aesthetics, offering unparalleled comfort, energy savings, and integration in your smart home

Have you heard of motorized shades? Have you heard of Lutron? Founded in 1961, Lutron was the company that invented the dimmer switch that is now in homes worldwide. Considered a pioneer in the industry, Lutron has developed a product line that includes motorized shades, smart lighting, smart dimmers, and switches. Their products are known for energy efficiency, convenience, and integration with smart homes and commercial spaces across Ottawa. 

At Lucent Controls, we have teamed up with Lutron to bring you the finest products for your home in Ottawa, Ontario. As a leading home automation company, we are certified installers of Lutron products. Read below to learn five things you didn’t know about this forward-thinking company and why we have partnered with them.

Why Lucent Controls Tops the List for Audio-Visual Companies in Ottawa

A luxury kitchen with a TV connected to an AV system.

An Innovative Partner for Cutting Edge AV Solutions

As a leading audio-visual company in Ottawa, ON, the team at Lucent Controls is your best resource for high-performance, tailored solutions and helpful customer service. Our specialty is transforming homes with cutting-edge entertainment and smart technology solutions. If you’re looking for an audio-visual company to partner with on your next home project, keep reading to discover why Lucent Controls is a top choice in Ottawa and surrounding areas.


What Is Your Lighting Installation Capable Of?


Are You Making the Most of Your Home Lighting?

When it comes to making home upgrades, lighting sometimes takes a backseat to aspects like paint, furniture, or appliances. That being said, the correct lighting installation can make a world of difference in your living space. 

Lights serve the practical purpose of illuminating your home but also have the power to set the mood, level up your aesthetics, and improve functionality. Keep reading, and we'll discuss the many possibilities of lighting automation. We think you'll find it will transform your Ottawa, ON, space into something extraordinary!

What Can Your Smart Home Do For You?

A modern home showing a staircase and living room with recessed lighting, a sleek kitchen and a beautiful mountain view in the background.

Is Your Ottawa Home Ready for Smarter Living?  

Technology is changing the ways we go about our daily routines, both at work, on-the-go, and at home. There's no denying that innovation has made our lives more convenient and efficient, and smart home technology is no exception to the rule. 

While smart homes once seemed like a faraway improbability in science fiction, it’s a very real possibility today with smart systems like Control4 and Lutron. Read on to explore the exciting possibilities of smart automation for your Ottawa, ON, home! 

Creating a Perfect Video Conferencing Setup – A Guide for Ottawa Businesses

Video conferencing setup in an office in Ottawa, ON

Ensuring Seamless Virtual Collaboration and Communication

Video conferencing is an indispensable tool for communication and collaboration in today’s diverse and dynamic business landscape. 

Whether it's a team meeting, a client presentation, or a brainstorming session, a seamless and efficient video conferencing setup can make all the difference in ensuring productive and engaging virtual interactions. Let's explore some key setup elements to enhance your virtual work experiences with video conferencing in Ottawa, ON.

Automatic Roller Blinds Make Managing Daylight Effortless

A living room with Lutron’s Palladiom motorized shades partially drawn.

Enjoy Beauty and Ease of Living with Lutron’s Motorized Shades

Imagine waking to shades that automatically open with the morning sun. When you head to the kitchen, the shades facing your backyard rise in perfect unison, letting you greet another beautiful day in Ottawa, ON. During the day, as the sun causes reflections on your TV or computer screen, the shades automatically lower. Then, when you and the family settle down for dinner, all the shades lower to provide complete privacy. 


That scenario is a brief glimpse into the possibilities in homes with automatic roller blinds. They create effortless management of natural light, adjusting throughout the day to provide the perfect amount of daylight and security. To bring our clients the best motorized window coverings, we at Lucent Controls partner with Lutron, the global leader in lighting control. 

And while the company offers an incredible selection of motorized shades, blinds, and draperies, we'll explore two of our clients' favourites: Palladiom and Triathlon. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Upgrade Your Boardroom with Commercial Lighting and Shading

Top view of people sitting at a wooden conference room table, laptops and phones in front of them.

Boost Productivity and Aesthetics with New Lights and Shades for Your Corporate Space 

The boardroom is the heart of any successful business. Here, we make decisions, deliver essential presentations, and share ideas. A well-designed lighting and shading system is necessary to build an environment that encourages productivity and creativity. 

Commercial lighting enhances the boardroom's aesthetic appeal and contributes significantly to the space's comfort and functionality. Read on to explore how to update your Ottawa, ON, boardroom with modern commercial lighting and shading solutions to elevate your meetings. 

Here’s What You Should Know About Circadian Lighting

woman sitting on a couch with her feet on a coffee table in a dimly lit room

Discover How Ketra and Control4 Bring Tunable Lighting to Home Spaces

Incorporating circadian lighting in the home is important because it supports our natural sleep-wake cycle and promotes overall well-being. Our bodies are influenced by the day's natural light and dark cycles, and exposure to appropriate lighting at different times helps regulate our internal clock, also known as the circadian rhythm. 

Learn more about incorporating this wellness-focused lighting option into your Ottawa, ON, home in our blog below. Keep reading!


Close up of a Control4 Halo remote being held by a hand


Technology always seems to be changing, so how are you managing to keep up with it all? For us, we rely heavily on top-in-class Control4 systems. These sophisticated platforms stay up-to-date with the latest software and security upgrades and are designed to grow with your home as it evolves over time. Once installed, this intelligent control system can help you keep up with the ever-evolving techno-sphere while transforming your daily life to be more comfortable and convenient. 

Keep reading below to discover how Control4 features and hardware can change your Ottawa, ON, lifestyle.

Create an Outdoor Oasis with These Outdoor Entertainment Technologies

A luxury patio with Coastal Source lighting.

Turn Your Backyard into an Entertainment Space with Premium Outdoor Technology

It’s a warm, beautiful evening. There’s not a cloud in the sky, giving you an unobstructed view of the twinkling stars. But it’s also family movie night, and your home theater is shrouded away from the gorgeous night. What to do? Turn to your outdoor entertainment, of course! With an outdoor entertainment space, you’ll never have to sacrifice fresh air for entertainment and vice versa—everything you can enjoy inside, you’d be able to enjoy outside, too. Check out these outdoor technologies to see how they can transform your Ottawa, ON, home.

How to Create a Coastal Source Outdoor Speaker System

An Ellipse Bollard and Modulus Bullet speaker creating an outdoor speaker system.

Enjoy Outdoor Audio With a Speaker System Designed to Fit Your Space

Outdoor audio can enhance your backyard like never before. You can listen to your favorite music while swimming in the pool, listen to a broadcast of your favorite sports team game while grilling, or entertain guests at an outdoor party. First, you’ll need to create an outdoor speaker system that suits your unique needs and space. Coastal Source makes a premium line of outdoor speakers with solutions for every homeowner. Check out the things you need to consider while creating your Coastal Source outdoor speaker system for your home in Ottawa, ON.

Discover the Purest Luxury with the Lutron Palladiom Line

close up shot of a Lutron Palladiom roller shade’s hembar overlooking a city scene through a window.

Form Meets Functionality Thanks to Wire-Free Shading Solutions

Imagine adding a touch of class to your everyday life with the addition of technology. No, it won’t feel overly ‘techy,’ and it doesn’t require an engineering degree to operate, either. With bespoke home automation and home control, your Ottawa, ON, property will provide luxury living at a moment’s notice with the simple tap of your finger or a preset schedule. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not when you partner with a professional integration team like Lucent Controls. We work with high-end brands such as Lutron to empower homeowners with the power of natural sunlight and more! Below, we’ll dive into the Lutron Palladiom line of wire-free window treatments that beautifully and seamlessly blend lighting and total home control. Keep reading to learn more!

What’s the Point of Motorized Shades?

bathtub in front of a window with motorized blinds halfway drawn.

Learn the Ins and Outs of This Stunning Smart Home Addition

Motorized shades may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a smart home or technology, but it’s one of the best convenience-boosting additions you can consider for your Ottawa, ON, home. 

With a single button tap or a prescheduled scene, your window treatments will respond to your needs, raising or lowering to add privacy, reduce glare, or warm the room in an instant. Keep reading below to discover a few of our favourite motorized shades and blinds features and learn why our clients consistently choose this value-adding smart home product.

High-Performance Audio Delivers the Immersive Soundstage

A Focal loudspeaker in the corner of a brightly lit living room.

Enjoy the Highest Quality Listening Experience

High-fidelity audio creates the highest quality listening experience, where every note is clear and detailed with minimal distortion—music as the artist intended. This accurate sound reproduction creates greater immersion and realism, and when you are listening to your favourite songs or soundtracks, it’s like you’re hearing them for the first time.

At Lucent Controls, we believe that high-performance audio not only entertains but also inspires and fosters an emotional connection to the music. We design and install audio systems that transform the listener’s experience, creating a soundstage that reflects the live concert or recording studio. To accomplish this, we partner with leading audio manufacturers, including Focal and Leon. 

Let’s explore what these world-renowned brands can offer your home in Ottawa, ON.

Looking for the Right Blinds for Your Smart Home?

Two dining room windows featuring Lutron sheer blinds.

Check Out Lutron’s Motorized Blinds and What They Can Do for You 

Automation is at the heart of any smart home. But when it comes to how each smart home technology performs, quality is of the utmost importance. Motorized blinds are a case in point. From providing light control to helping you save energy, they play a wide range of roles across your home, giving you both the perfect light at the home theatre and keeping you comfortable in any season. 

Lucent Controls is a leading Lutron-certified technology integrator in Ottawa, ON. With years of experience, our local team of experts knows exactly which blinds are right for you and how to program them for optimal performance. 

Here are your options when considering Lutron’s motorized blinds and the benefits that professionally installed, automated window treatments bring to your smart home.


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