Close up of a Control4 Halo remote being held by a hand


Technology always seems to be changing, so how are you managing to keep up with it all? For us, we rely heavily on top-in-class Control4 systems. These sophisticated platforms stay up-to-date with the latest software and security upgrades and are designed to grow with your home as it evolves over time. Once installed, this intelligent control system can help you keep up with the ever-evolving techno-sphere while transforming your daily life to be more comfortable and convenient. 

Keep reading below to discover how Control4 features and hardware can change your Ottawa, ON, lifestyle.

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Create an Outdoor Oasis with These Outdoor Entertainment Technologies

A luxury patio with Coastal Source lighting.

Turn Your Backyard into an Entertainment Space with Premium Outdoor Technology

It’s a warm, beautiful evening. There’s not a cloud in the sky, giving you an unobstructed view of the twinkling stars. But it’s also family movie night, and your home theater is shrouded away from the gorgeous night. What to do? Turn to your outdoor entertainment, of course! With an outdoor entertainment space, you’ll never have to sacrifice fresh air for entertainment and vice versa—everything you can enjoy inside, you’d be able to enjoy outside, too. Check out these outdoor technologies to see how they can transform your Ottawa, ON, home.

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How to Create a Coastal Source Outdoor Speaker System

An Ellipse Bollard and Modulus Bullet speaker creating an outdoor speaker system.

Enjoy Outdoor Audio With a Speaker System Designed to Fit Your Space

Outdoor audio can enhance your backyard like never before. You can listen to your favorite music while swimming in the pool, listen to a broadcast of your favorite sports team game while grilling, or entertain guests at an outdoor party. First, you’ll need to create an outdoor speaker system that suits your unique needs and space. Coastal Source makes a premium line of outdoor speakers with solutions for every homeowner. Check out the things you need to consider while creating your Coastal Source outdoor speaker system for your home in Ottawa, ON.

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Discover the Purest Luxury with the Lutron Palladiom Line

close up shot of a Lutron Palladiom roller shade’s hembar overlooking a city scene through a window.

Form Meets Functionality Thanks to Wire-Free Shading Solutions

Imagine adding a touch of class to your everyday life with the addition of technology. No, it won’t feel overly ‘techy,’ and it doesn’t require an engineering degree to operate, either. With bespoke home automation and home control, your Ottawa, ON, property will provide luxury living at a moment’s notice with the simple tap of your finger or a preset schedule. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not when you partner with a professional integration team like Lucent Controls. We work with high-end brands such as Lutron to empower homeowners with the power of natural sunlight and more! Below, we’ll dive into the Lutron Palladiom line of wire-free window treatments that beautifully and seamlessly blend lighting and total home control. Keep reading to learn more!

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What’s the Point of Motorized Shades?

bathtub in front of a window with motorized blinds halfway drawn.

Learn the Ins and Outs of This Stunning Smart Home Addition

Motorized shades may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a smart home or technology, but it’s one of the best convenience-boosting additions you can consider for your Ottawa, ON, home. 

With a single button tap or a prescheduled scene, your window treatments will respond to your needs, raising or lowering to add privacy, reduce glare, or warm the room in an instant. Keep reading below to discover a few of our favourite motorized shades and blinds features and learn why our clients consistently choose this value-adding smart home product.

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High-Performance Audio Delivers the Immersive Soundstage

A Focal loudspeaker in the corner of a brightly lit living room.

Enjoy the Highest Quality Listening Experience

High-fidelity audio creates the highest quality listening experience, where every note is clear and detailed with minimal distortion—music as the artist intended. This accurate sound reproduction creates greater immersion and realism, and when you are listening to your favourite songs or soundtracks, it’s like you’re hearing them for the first time.

At Lucent Controls, we believe that high-performance audio not only entertains but also inspires and fosters an emotional connection to the music. We design and install audio systems that transform the listener’s experience, creating a soundstage that reflects the live concert or recording studio. To accomplish this, we partner with leading audio manufacturers, including Focal and Leon. 

Let’s explore what these world-renowned brands can offer your home in Ottawa, ON.

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Looking for the Right Blinds for Your Smart Home?

Two dining room windows featuring Lutron sheer blinds.

Check Out Lutron’s Motorized Blinds and What They Can Do for You 

Automation is at the heart of any smart home. But when it comes to how each smart home technology performs, quality is of the utmost importance. Motorized blinds are a case in point. From providing light control to helping you save energy, they play a wide range of roles across your home, giving you both the perfect light at the home theatre and keeping you comfortable in any season. 

Lucent Controls is a leading Lutron-certified technology integrator in Ottawa, ON. With years of experience, our local team of experts knows exactly which blinds are right for you and how to program them for optimal performance. 

Here are your options when considering Lutron’s motorized blinds and the benefits that professionally installed, automated window treatments bring to your smart home.

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What’s Possible with Whole-Home Wi-Fi?

couple sitting on a couch while looking at their smartphone and book. There is a fire lit in the background.

Explore What’s Needed to Stay Connected When and Where It Matters Most

We live in a highly connected world, so when devices slow down or drop connections entirely, it’s a big deal. Not only is a poorly-designed home network inconvenient, but it can leave your personal data vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Your property should be the most reliable and secure spot for whole-home Wi-Fi. That’s why Lucent Controls takes pride in our purpose-driven wired and wireless network solutions that keep your smart home system and other devices connected when and where it matters the most - at your home in Ottawa, ON!

Read along below to discover what’s possible with whole-home Wi-Fi and why our networking installations will exceed your expectations.

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Three of Our Favourite Voice Commands

man and woman walking into a room with a Micro voice assistant speaker on the wall.

Discover What a Smart Home with Can Do For You

If you have a Wi-Fi network and an electrical outlet, then you’re ready to bring to your Gatineau, QC, home. This new voice assistant is gaining popularity in the smart home industry with its advanced natural language processing and a company promise never to sell user data to third parties for marketing purposes. 

This powerful artificial intelligence named Josh is smart, responsive, and learns commands the more you interact with it, just like a pet dog, which is why the logo uses a familiar furry friend. Start by saying, “Okay, Josh,” to command a wide array of smart home products such as your smart thermostat, Lutron lights, and Control4 products. 

Keep reading below to discover three top commands you can say to get the most out of your smart home!

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5 Rooms that Smart Shades Can Elevate

A bedroom with windows equipped with smart shades by Lutron.

Incorporate Style and Convenience into Your Home

There are so many smart devices, from phones to TVs. You can incorporate smart devices into your home in the form of smart thermostats, smart lighting, and even smart shades! Blinds may not seem very “smart,” but motorised shades from companies like Lutron can be automated to fit your schedule. That means they can open and close automatically throughout the day without needing to lift a finger. And Lutron shades are customisable to match any room’s design. Keep reading to see how motorised blinds can elevate these rooms in your Ottawa, ON home!

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5 Ways Ketra Lighting Can Elevate Your Home

A bar space lit up with different colours with Ketra lighting.

Embrace the Health Benefits, Convenience, and Luxury of Smart Lighting

The lighting of a person’s environment (home, work, or leisure) directly impacts their mood, productivity, and overall physical and mental health. That’s why a good home lighting system is so crucial. The right colour, brightness, and placement of your home’s lights not only transform the beauty of the space but also increase your feeling of relaxation and comfort. 

Ketra lighting has revolutionised smart lighting systems with LED bulbs that can match your daily routine and be customised to your preferences. Check out these three ways Ketra lights can transform your home in Ottawa, ON.

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Invisible Speakers Are Meant to Be Heard, Not Seen

Dining room area with a bar counter in foreground. In-wall invisible speakers show on the ceiling.

Lucent Controls Offers High-End Audio from Stealth Acoustics and Sonance

Listening to music is an exciting experience, whether you’re a casual listener or a self-proclaimed audiophile. No matter the genre, high-fidelity sound quality sings to the soul with crystal-clear high notes and bassy lows. With high-performance speakers installed by the experts at Lucent Controls, you have the perfect at-home listening solution.

High-performance audio brings lifelike performances to your Gatineau, QC, home, so you feel like you’re in the front row of a concert. Every guitar strum and musical note is delivered to the listener in stunning quality, just as the artist intended it to be heard. 

Some homeowners prefer to enjoy music without seeing where it’s coming from, though, but there’s no need for an “invisibility cloak” when you have invisible speakers. They simply hide from view thanks to innovative installation methods and superior craftsmanship. Want to learn more about what brands like Sonance and Stealth Acoustics can offer in the world of invisible speakers? Keep reading below.

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Automated Roller Blinds Offer Effortless Control

Lutron shades almost fully lowered in a living room overlooking the city with an inlaid photo of a Lutron keypad.

Today's Motorised Window Coverings Bring Beauty and Elegance to Any Home

At Lucent Controls, we create custom smart homes that offer effortless convenience and increased enjoyment. From indoor and outdoor entertainment solutions to lighting that automatically changes with the sun's light, today's automation offers once-unimaginable ease of living. 

While today's smart home systems can control AV systems, security and door locks, indoor and outdoor lighting, and a home's humidity and temperature, one of the most popular innovations is automated roller blinds and shades. Our clients in Ottawa, ON, no longer have to get up to adjust their window coverings when direct sunlight fills the room or darkness descends. Their smart home does it for them.

Let's explore how the latest technology brings beauty and automated control to window coverings. 

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Disguise Your TV with Samsung’s The Frame and FrameBar


Merge Aesthetics & High-Quality Visuals with Samsung’s The Frame TV

Samsung’s The Frame TV is arguably one of the most exciting AV innovations in recent years. The reason? When powered off, The Frame’s 4K OLED display seamlessly blends into your home by turning into a realistic work of art. Your guests will have no idea that’s a TV on the wall—it looks just like a piece of your art collection! 

If you’re looking for a minimalistic aesthetic in your modern home, read on to learn more about The Frame and the new FrameBar soundbar made especially for it. You may discover it’s the perfect item for your smart home in Gatineau, QC. 

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Install an Advanced Voice Control System to Automate Your Home 

Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa voice control systems are popular home assistance tools. While these systems have a lot to offer, the proliferation of home automation systems has led to the evolution of more advanced voice assistants, such as is the cleverest voice assistant to control luxury homes and integrate home automation systems like  Control4. Take a look at how can transform your Gatineau, QC house into a smart home. 

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Never Return to a Dark House: Lighting Control Systems


Adjust Your Home’s Environment with a Swipe on a Screen or Press of a Button

The right lighting in a house can completely transform the mood and aesthetics. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of smart LED lights, you need to consider a flexible and reliable system. This is where lighting control systems come in. It is crucial to find the right lighting control professionals to install the ideal system in your home, depending on the size of the house and your preference.

Let’s have a look at why Lucent Controls offers the best lighting control solutions for clients in Ottawa, ON to Gatineau, QC and beyond!

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Accent Your Home Theatre Systems with Sophisticated Shading


Creating the Perfect Viewing Environment. 

Movies are about the intense magic of storytelling; the images and sound move us, often in unexpected ways. Film provides us with a window into another’s perspective, offers a chance to escape, and to perchance, dream. An excellent cinema experience causes us to cheer, cry, and laugh—often all three emotions happening at once. 

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Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle with a Smart Home Installation


Enjoy the Benefits of Technology That Responds to Your Needs and Desires

 A smart home installation offers the luxury and convenience of a house that not only fits but responds to your lifestyle needs. There are many options available to you, but you need a professional system for comprehensive and complete home control.

Your home contains an interconnected ecosystem of entertainment, climate control, lighting, and more. With systems like Control4, Lutron, Ketra and others, your house will make you happier, healthier, and more comfortable.

Continue reading to see how your Gatineau, QC home can become an extension of you.

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A Wi-Fi System is the Foundation of Your Smart Home


5 Things You Can Do in Your Ottawa-Area Home with an Upgraded Wi-Fi Network

Whether it’s with friends, family, or your workplace, staying connected is imperative in this day and age. In order to stay connected, though, you need a robust Wi-Fi system that is secure and fast.

Your wired and wireless internet connections are the foundation of your entire smart home, too. Without it, your automated home simply cannot work the way it was designed to operate! Keep reading below to learn five things you can do on your Ottawa, ON property with a home network upgrade.

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Enjoy Audio in Multiple Rooms of the House Using One System


There’s no need to juggle multiple remotes and smartphone apps to control different parts of your smart home anymore. Whether you’re in Gatineau, QC, or the surrounding areas, Lucent Controls can design the perfect multi-room audio system that the entire family can use, no matter which part of the house they’re enjoying. 

Keep reading below to learn where in your home you and your family can benefit the most from a whole-home audio system installation. 

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